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Words into action

George R.R. Martin put it well when he wrote “In the end words are just wind.”

Words are nothing but pressure waves in air created by the larynx and received by the ear drum.

No doubt talking is a wonderful human way, amongst many, of communicating with others.

Yet something more is needed for it to have some impact in our lives.

If we want to make changes and have an impact we need to move from a place of talking and into action.

If the subject seems overwhelming break it down into smaller, more immediately achievable actions.

Then act on them.

Keep on repeating this cycle daily and observe and reflect on the impact this begins to have in your life.

This helps keep your motivation moving forward and re-enforce that things ARE changing.

Life will begin to shift and move. That goal that felt distant and unachievable suddenly begins to creep up on you and become possible. Possibilities you hadn't considered start to arise.

Just begin.

The rest will follow.

PS If you’re ready to begin and want to make the most powerful changes in your life you can then get in touch and lets start a conversation!

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