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First Steps

Ideal for the those committed to making a change and looking for a place to start.

In this you will cover:

Discovering your values - what they are and why they matter.

Self talk: What you telling yourself matters.

Limiting beliefs: What they are and how to change them.

The effect of the language you chose.

Living in the now: what that really means and how it can change everything.

Creating space for more of what you want in your life.

Six sessions across 3 months

Total cost: £2000 payable in advance

Let’s do this!

If you’re really committed to make some major changes in your life and you want someone with you to challenge you help you grow and stay committed throughout this one is for you.

This package covers everything included in First Steps plus:

Long term commitment to yourself and connection to help you create deeper and more lasting transformational changes.

A non judgemental partner in your journey that helps keep you accountable and balanced.

Ability to access me in between sessions if any questions or issues arise needing more urgent input. 


Twelve sessions across 6 months

Total cost: £5000 payable in advance. Option to pay in instalments.


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