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Put Your Phone Down. Look up.

If I hadn’t looked up…

I would walked right past it

If I hadn’t walked in silence

I would have been distracted and walked on by

If I hadn’t chosen to climb the stairs and keep exploring

I would have missed out on finding a stunning building hiding in plain sight

If I hadn’t dared to open the door

I wouldn’t have been greeted by a warm, smiling face of a man I had worked with 20 years ago

If I hadn’t responded to a client message right there and then

I would have got on the right train

If I had got on the right train

I wouldn’t have been able to laugh at myself and then realise just how much I’ve grown

If I had remembered the spare car key fob

I wouldn’t have walked home in the sunshine and nature

If I drove home

I wouldn’t have bumped into a good friend on the walk and enjoyed a lovely chat

Put your phone down

Slow down

Look up

Let the world back in

Woodland path on a sunny day

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