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What Top Gun Maverick can teach us about dedication

One thing you might not know about me is I LOVE movies.

What I might love even more is the process of creating movies and the behind the scenes stories of how they were made.

The creation of Top Gun Maverick is one of those stories I can’t wait to hear and watch more about the processes of how they made it. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout ( minus the romance stuff - whatever… ha ha! ).

It was clear to me this was a movie made on another level. A landmark in cinema.

This was a project built on passion, vision and dedication.

Tom Cruise has said in interviews how he loves aviation, that a Top Gun sequel was always on his mind but there needed to be a clear vision for what the story would be.

Once he had that he did what he always does. Went at the movie with absolute dedication and drive.

With huge ambition as to what could be filmed ( hats off to the cinematographers and director of this movie also! ).

The training he and the cast went through to make this movie was rough and demanded a huge amount physically and mentally. They had to experience simulated drownings, g-force training, vomiting on a regular basis and being pushed so close to their limits they were almost blacking out.

This movie is a shining example of how what looks to be impossible can be achieved with teamwork, intense focus and vision.

What could you achieve if you brought more of that into your life?

What would happen if you fly into your danger zone? ( sorry I couldn’t resist! )

PS If it’s not clear already I’d strongly recommend seeing this in the cinema. It 100% deserves that big screen big sound experience!

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