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Lessons from dancing Part 2

Updated: Apr 9

Life is often providing wisdom if we are only open to receiving it.

Yet again last night I was kindly offered two practical tips from a more experienced male dancer.

Make smaller moves with your feet. It’s much easier to return to your partner when you’ve completed a turn.

Soften your knees. By doing so your hips will begin to move automatically if you let them.

After the sessions my mind processed these tips and couldn’t help drawing comparisons to the lessons I’ve been learning over the last few years.

Taking small steps done well can result in the same outcomes as taking larger ones, without it feeling like you’re over reaching and can’t regain your centre.

Relax more.


Then without knowing it other things will naturally flow from that.

If you want to learn to ‘dance to a different beat’ and ‘strut your stuff’ through life then contact me and let’s ‘hit the dance floor’ of your life!

PS If you want to read part 1 of Lessons from dancing you can find it here :

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