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A powerful reason why you might not be getting what you want from a partner ( especially if you're dating )

Why aren’t you getting what you’d like to see in a current or potential partner?

Let me refer to a one hit wonder song from the 90s for my answer…

“You only get what you give”

Let’s say for example we desire our current or potential dating partners to be fun, curious and secure in themselves.

The question to first ask of ourselves is “How am I being fun and curious? Am I secure in myself?”

Be honest with yourself. To do otherwise is only holding you back.

If the answer is no or you know there is a lot of work to be done on yourself in these arenas then that’s your starting point.

Start with you, fix your own s**t before you start going through life expecting someone else to fill that gap for you.

In the process of doing so you will start to attract and be around the very kind people you desire. And they will see in you the things they like too. Shared values and goals.

That’s attractive!

Same goes if you’re already in a relationship. Your partner will see more of that in you and they will like it.

If your partner doesn’t find it attractive to see you working on yourself, developing new abilities and constructive patterns of behaviour?

Well honestly you might want to question is that the kind of person you want to be around long term?

Stop waiting for someone else to be the very thing you need to be.

“You’ve got the music in you”

Dr Richard Harkness having a coffee outdoors

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