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Have you lost your balance?

Where in life do you need to recalibrate?

Life is a state of flux and we are constantly making choices and decisions.

If we don't intentionally create our life then we live in a reactive state.

Even with the best intentions and focus in the world s@$t happens and we have to adapt in the moment.

Over time this mean we can drift away from things that are important to us. Things like:

1) Business goals

2) Connections

3) Relationships

4) Self care

With heightened awareness we can spot this 'drift' sooner and adjust.

But before we do it's worth asking ourselves why did we make that change in the first place? There's little to be gained by going back to EXACTLY the same way of operating.

Redefine the actions required to better reflect reality and your goal.

Implement it with full commitment.


Ask yourself today "Where have I drifted?"

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