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10 things I learnt from learning to dance

Recently I took up learning salsa with my wife.

I swear I didn’t set out to make this a listicle but here’s 10 things I’ve discovered in the process:

1) After covid it still feels somewhat anxiety inducing to be so up close and in contact with other people. I’m being kind to myself about this. Each time it gets easier.

2) I’m so much better than I used to be at putting my hand up and declaring “Nope! I don’t get it!”

3) Working with others that have are on the same journey as you really helps.

4) I noted how at ease I felt with some dancers. Gut instincts and body language in full effect!

5) I’m so much better at laughing when it goes wrong rather than feeling a failure.

6) I feel like I can hear my hips creaking. How did I become this inflexible ?!?

7) There’s a time and a place to lead. This is an area of growth for me. I’m looking forward to challenging myself in future lessons.

8) Things don’t always turn out as expected and that’s OK. We chose this as an activity to do together and have fun. We are definitely having fun but we are lucky if we get to dance together for 10 minutes! Yet it’s still a joint activity we are sharing and enjoying together!

9) Seeing the compounding effect of commitment. We’ve been unable to make some lessons and it’s striking that those that started at the same time and attended each lesson have progressed more.

10) We have shown ourselves self compassion in all this. We aim to attend but life means that sometimes we just can’t. We just keep in our own lane and remember our motivation for attending.

Consider taking a moment to reflect what lessons have you learnt from leisure activities you do?

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