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You create your world through your choices

This day could have turned out very differently had I made a different choice.

I was in a funk the morning I took these photos. I had to make a choice:

Stay at home and spend some time alone and recharge my batteries


Chose to go with the family and tackle Ingleborough mountain.

In moments like this the choice for me can feel paralysing.

My people pleaser says you have to go along and keep the family together.

The other side of me recognised that maybe the reason I was feeling in a funk was because of trying to people please and would going just make matters worse?

In order to decide I had to put everything else to one side.

What might happen if I did or didn’t go and what the family might think and feel about either choice.

And just focus on what I needed in that moment.

I needed the fresh air and exercise.

Choice made.

I ended up going along but was able to enjoy the experience so much more because it was MY choice I had made rather than feeling obligated to go.

The path you chose to walk is your own. The choices you make every day are yours.

Make sure you take them.

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