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Have an intentional sex life? Have a sexy annual review!

Updated: Apr 10

Do you want to have an intentional sex life?

Do you have sexual annual review?

Have you ever had one?

I’m sure many of you have had annual reviews by your employers or with your business partners looking at how the years gone.

Why should your sex life be different?

I’m a big fan of living an intentional life and this includes sexually.

OK maybe you don’t need an ANNUAL review of the state of your sex life together but if you’ve never had one or it’s been a really long time since you did maybe it’s worth taking a look at that again.


Because people change. You’ve changed this year, so has your partner.

Over many years you’ve both changed a lot.

And not just as people but physically too.

Maybe the things you used to love doing you don’t as much anymore.

Maybe things you never wanted before you are interested in now.

Your partner might have similar thoughts and feelings but never expressed them.

It can all start with a simple question:

“How do you feel about your sex life?”

You can ask this of your partner and of yourself.

Even if the response is what you expected that’s fine. At least you know things aren’t changing that you’re not aware of.

Just asking the question can open up a dialogue to explore more.

Be curious not accusatory. Resist the urge to answer back or defend yourself.

Listen ( carefully ) to their responses.

Really HEAR them.

They may be more or less satisfied than you think.

But if you don’t know where your partner is AT how can you look to grow together going forward?

Hope you have a wonderful New Year and I wish you a fun, sexy 2024!

( And if you wonder if having some private, confidential coaching around your sex life can help you have your best, most connected sex in 2024 get in touch. )

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