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You are who you are because...

You are who you are because you are who you are.

Let me explain…

The person you are being right now, the results you are getting are being created by who you are being.

That’s not to say everything in life is in your control. That would be disingenuous to say so. Some really difficult, challenging things can be thrust at us in life.

But you do have control over who you are. How you respond to these events and what you create.

You DO have a choice over how you shape your day and where you put your energy and attention.

So if you are not living the life you wanted or getting the results you wanted ask yourself who you ARE.

Who you ARE at work

Who you ARE at home

Who you ARE to your friends and family

Who you ARE to yourself

If this feels a little tough to swallow I’m with you. I’ve felt this too and it can feel really uncomfortable to accept.

Don’t turn away from it.

Take a deep breath and embrace the discomfort.

Now give yourself permission to change.


You are who you are because you are who you are.

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