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What is your sexual dynamic?

Updated: Apr 9

Do you understand your sexual dynamic?

Are you pursuing or are you withdrawing?

In any relationship it tends to be that one person takes on the role as the sexual pursuer and so by default energetically the other often takes on the role of the sexual withdrawer.

One person tends to have the greater interest in sex, wants to try knew things, seek novelty and explore.

Because of this energetically it can result in the other person starting to withdraw because they feel they have to protect themselves from a constant barrage of suggestions and requests and perhaps even criticisms too.

But even the pursuer can become a withdrawer too in time.

They lose their confidence due to an apparent lack of interest and a feeling of or actual rejection of their ideas and advances.

What's left is two withdrawn parties for different reasons but neither of them happy.

Is it time to take stock and think about where you are at with this?

What might you know in your gut you might need to do to begin fixing it?

man attempting to kiss woman and she is pulling away from him

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