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Time to slow down

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Inspiration can come to us from all sorts of places. I remember first hearing this as a young teenager and it struck me how thought provoking it was to put at the end of a light hearted comedy movie!

Life DOES move fast. The reality of life now is that it will likely continue to be the dominant way of thinking.

It takes intention and presence in the moment to slow down. In that slowing down we become more aware of what's going on around us. What's happening in ourselves, what's happening to those around us and what we are truly feeling.

Perhaps you might be saying to yourself "I cannot slow down! There's so much to do!". The reality is that often in our rushed and cluttered thinking mind we quickly deal with things just to get them off our to-do list. This isn't giving the mind space to ask bigger questions that might ultimately SAVE us time.

Questions like:

Do I REALLY need to do this?

Could this be done in a better way?

Why am I doing this? Does this add any value to life for me?

What if I stopped doing this or did it a different way entirely?

The answers to these questions might lead to deeper changes in behaviour that allow you to have more space in life for things you really DO value.

Ask yourself this question:

What is one thing could I do starting today to slow down?

Now make it happen. Don't worry if you can't make it work right away. It doesn't mean you've failed or you're a failure. Just keep the intention in mind and try again the next day. And the next day...

Slowing down takes practice and you can only practice something by doing it.

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