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There isn't always an simple answer

Updated: May 20, 2022

I quickly mocked this up in Canva for myself yesterday whilst exploring what conditions promote growth for me.

It gave me the realisation that perhaps I had been searching for that one question and it's answer. That there was one key and one lock that held the secret to help my growth.

But the truth for me is there isn't. It's a condition where several components need to come together to promote personal growth.

Once I had identified this I then considered OK how do I keep these things in play? Like a juggler keeping the balls in the air at the same time my first challenge is to pay attention what each of these is doing. For me that will happen via journaling but now I feel much more enthusiastic having created a specific, self created set of parameters to look at daily.

Next is to know what to do if any of these items are flagging. This means knowing what actions to take to increase each area. For me this will be a work in progress to identify various ways to do so.

There's no one way of finding your best growth state. Find one that works for you. Try it, experiment and see if it works and tweak it or start a new one.

There are no rules and nobody knows what YOU need better than you do.

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