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Some thoughts on self discipline

We all struggle with self discipline around something…




Work/life balance

Smartphone addiction


To name a few!

Recently I’ve noticed the lovely office space I had set up for myself was starting to slowly drift back into a dumping ground for the house again.

I’ll admit it I have been finding being self employed a challenge in terms of creating a clear cut boundary of work and home life.

I’ve read about it so much too and thought I was ready for it and I would know that pitfall and yet here I am struggling with the same issues!

Getting out of the house definitely helps me and I’m doing that more regularly.

Yet I want to have that same sense of discipline in myself to course correct again and feel strong enough in my commitments and boundaries that I can work at home in my office. After all that’s why I created it!

I feel the more you do this, combined with time for reflection, the quicker you get back on track.

And maybe those corrections happen more frequently and aren’t so major each time.

It’s OK if you’ve deviated off course a little! You’re human and it happens to all of us!

Just remind yourself of how you want to be and ask what can you learn from why your habit has slipped again?

How do YOU keep yourself disciplined?

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