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The importance of boundaries


I found myself shouting this at the TV over this weekend as I watched the absolutely fantastic The Banshees of Inisherin.

Having clear boundaries is something a lot of us struggle with, especially people that tend to be people pleasers.

Some questions you might ask yourself around boundaries are:

Do I know what my boundaries are?

Do I know people or situations that challenge them?

What's my role in allowing that?

Is that something I would like to change?

Life coaching can help you figure out could a lack of boundaries or having your boundaries broken be a part of the puzzle of why you aren't living the life you'd like.

P.S. This is an amazing picture. Don't let the premise of the film stop you from watching it. I laughed so hard at parts and yet it was so moving in others. A great example of what cinema can do with such a simple story.

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