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It's never too late to change

It's never too late to make major changes...

I've been posting

less than usual lately as I've been travelling and helping my mother in law relocate to the north east from the north west.

I've been reflecting on her courage and strength to take on such a huge undertaking at her age and how this applies to all of us. She left behind her most stable home of over 30 years ( she had to move all over the UK when she arrived ) in order to plan ahead and have her closer to us.

It's too late to, I'm to old to, you can't teach an old dog new tricks...

These are 'fixed mindset' phrases which once you scratch the surface to understand these are often coming from a place of fear and uncertainty.

Whilst it's fair to say there was some initial reluctance we worked with her slowly at her pace to address each of her concerns, remove barriers to her moving and make the process as easy and pleasant as it could possibly can be!

She has a ton of support from my wife and kids and myself. This last year has been crazy busy getting the house ready for her moving in. I might have a new side business in flipping houses after this 😂.

None of this detracts from her stoicism, determination and courage to do this at this point in her life. I have great admiration of her for doing so.

How could you apply her story to your situation if you've a major hurdle ahead of you?

Challenge yourself to think is it really true I can't do this OR am I afraid? Where is that fear coming from?

Who or what is around you that could you support you in this new endeavour? How much more possible does it look if you had that support?

Working with a coach is one way of helping you take bold new changes. Helping you find your inner strength to tackle them all whilst having a supportive non judgemental companion alongside you.

If this is you then get in touch and let's start exploring your goals and dreams and how you can make them happen!

P.S. This is photo of a puja diya used as part of the small ceremony she performed to bless her home when she arrived.

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