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"I'm fine thank you! How are you?"

“I’m fine thank you! How are you?”

My response to my client at the start of a call this morning.

In truth I started my morning being woken up and being told we have a leak. Not the best way to wake up!

I was waiting for an emergency plumber to arrive.

So was I just being polite and professional?


I had done the work on myself to ready myself for this moment. I knew this question would come.

I pictured answering this question.

I slowed down.

I asked myself the same question: “Am I OK?”

I realised YES I am OK.

My boilers not OK

The damage the leak has caused is not OK.

But I am.

That stuff is all outside of me.

I could show up authentically and ready for my client because I did the work on myself ready for the session.

It’s easy to think the world is falling apart. Climate change, war, guess who’s Prime Minister this week politics and so on.

Whilst that may feel true it might help to calm the nerves by slowing down, stepping back from what’s going on and checking in with yourself how YOU truly are right now.

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