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Feeling inspired

Anyone else feeling in awe and inspired by this incredible image released by NASA?!!

I am, I've loved astronomy since a young age and followed the James Webb Space Telescope launch and mission progress with real anxiety. $10 billion dollars of kit sitting on top of a rocket that could go off course or explode at any moment is as tense as any Hollywood blockbuster if you know the stakes involved!

This image is a section of the night sky is so small it covers as much of the night sky as a grain of sand held at arms length.

Look at how many galaxies there are! We already know that exoplanets are pretty common in our galaxy. Over 5000 have been discovered so far with NASA estimating there could be over 100 billion.

That's in ONE galaxy.

Look how many galaxies we can see in just this one image ( remember grain of sand at arms length... ).

I just love what humanity is capable of when it's finest minds commit to something so visionary.

Here's to many many more amazing discoveries by the JWST!

P.S. If you're wondering why some of the galaxies look weird and stretched out it's because of gravitational lensing. Something so massive ( likely black holes ) that literally bends space and time around it so you can see what's behind it. Again.. WOW!

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