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An apple a day...

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Well I’m still here and there are lots of them so…

This is one round of picking from our apple trees this year. They are producing so much the poor trees are struggling to stay upright under the weight!

Trying to decrease our impact on the environment is a value of ours and one way we are doing a little to contribute is by growing our own food. We do so avoiding any chemicals and just letting the garden do its own thing.

Knowing what your values are can help align your actions and live your life more intentionally.

Inner turmoil can result when we are living and acting in a way that is conflict with our values.

Yet.. many clients I’ve worked with have never really spent time figuring out their values.

If we don’t know what those values are we can feel lost, agitated or confused about why life is feeling so unsatisfying.

Know your values and live your life in alignment with them as much as possible.

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