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Adventures in digital detox

Thoughts at the end of week one of my experiment in removing tech from my bedside table...

All tech is now charged in another room for the night and I purchased a simple rechargeable non ticking clock from Amazon. Bonus feature with this for me the screen goes completely blank when not in use.

It was crazy that I had what I can only label as separation anxiety from my phone the first night I did it. I laid everything out to charge like in the photo and as I walked out the door I turned back to look at it like I was leaving my sleeping baby!! It was as if I was making sure it was OK before I walked away. I had to laugh at myself! OMG I clearly have more attachment to this than I thought!!

My alarm clock is loud as hell. No messing with this bad boy!

I feel more relaxed and calm winding down. Only having the option to read my book is like giving myself permission to ignore my phone.

I'm picking up and checking in on my phone less during the day.

Had an increase in the number of nightmares in the first few days. Seems to be settling - not very scientific, could be a number of reasons perhaps. I'm wondering are my sleep cycles different in quality as a result?

I'm getting more reading done than I have in years and I am LOVING that.

I have every intention of continuing on with this experiment and reflecting on my experiences.

Have you ever given this a go? Would you consider it?

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