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A different way to approach your life

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Simple idea I wrote down during one of my own coaching sessions.

In life we should be fully committed but totally unattached to the outcome. This outlook can really help us feel happier and more motivated to keep on moving and growing.

It's tempting to think "but if I'm not attached to the outcome I'll never achieve it!".

That's the fully committed part of the puzzle. You will always be aiming for what you want.

Knowing clearly your goals and going for them. But you are NOT attached to the outcome.

The reason for this is that attachment is limiting you. I'll be happy when I get promoted, I'll be happy when they say they love me, I'll be happy when...

Maybe you'll get these things. You'll be happy! Maybe that's because you were always meant to and everything was leading up to this moment.

Maybe you won't and you won't be happy. Maybe you've been ignoring or not seeing the signs it was never the right thing for you and your life is meant to take you on another path.

If this all sounds a bit mystical considering the following can help bring clarity to this mindset.

As the past is behind us, we can join the dots of the moments and decisions that brought us to where we are. Some are intentional and some weren't, but they all brought us to where we are now.

In our past could we ever have seen what the dots ahead of us are? Probably not. So right now in this moment can you see what the dots are ahead of you that you'll look back on in 10 years?

We can imagine dots and hope for them and work toward them, of course we can. Maybe they will become a dot in our timeline. Or maybe they will fade away and something else will take it's place because that moment wasn't for us.

Perhaps instead of being attached to the outcome just try working towards your goals and let whatever happens happen. Be flexible in your thinking and approach. See where it takes you.

You'll feel lighter and enjoy the journey more knowing the outcome is out of your control anyway and always has been.

Be fully committed, totally unattached.

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