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Just say F**k It!

I thought I’d share the book that started my journey of transformation.

I was fortunate enough to spend dedicated time reading this book in a peaceful setting. No doubt this aided the impact of the book too.

The author John C. Parkin is the son of Anglican preachers and has practised systems of eastern wisdom for over 20 years.

Part of the appeal of this book at the time was life was feeling heavy at the time so the idea of something simple and light appealed to me. I was not however expecting myself to laugh out loud quite as much as I did!

It challenged my rigid and limited thinking in new ways and didn’t make me feel bad about myself in the process. The tone was kind, funny and gentle. Like a good friend giving me advice.

Here is three random examples of things covered:

Say F**k It to your job

Say F**k It in your relationships

Say F**k It to climate change

Promise they were random! I read that last one and no it isn’t at all about not caring about climate change ( far from it ).

Ultimately saying F**k It is a form of letting go. It’s a pretty satisfying phrase to say out loud too!

It’s a fun reminder not to be so attached to things, our thoughts and our view of the world. Not to attach so much meaning to everything.

As with all self books they are ineffective unless you implement SOMETHING you learnt in them.

Not that I think this book contains ALL the answers.

But it contained what I needed at the moment I needed to hear it.

Maybe you do too.

PS This is not a sponsored post

PPS I even made myself say f**k it when deciding whether to post this or not :-)

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